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Household cleaning necessary kitchen item


At the end of each year, does the household cleaning have to be busy for a long time, and as a result, it is found that some dirt or grease in the kitchen or bathroom is not cleaned up? To master some practical tips and work with ease, you will be able to return a clean and comfortable new home.
Home Cleaning Before cleaning up, prepare the necessary cleaning equipment such as buckets, towels, mops and detergents before starting work. When cleaning, you can also put a small cushion on the middle of the room to place these utensils.
Many cleaners also have their own little tricks. They wear aprons with carry-on bags. Small brushes, small blades, wet and dry cloths, garbage bags, etc. are available in the bag, which can be used at any time during the cleaning process. This saves time.

Misunderstandings for cleaning errors 1: Wash household appliances back and forth. “When cleaning, see which corner home appliances need to be cleaned, and immediately move to the washing area to rinse. This method takes time and effort and has secondary pollution.” In fact, some The method of a professional cleaner is to directly prepare the detergent or wet rag and solve the problem directly during the cleaning process. For example, when cleaning the room, remove some lamp shades and other room utensils by using the portable gadgets and wash directly with water. Or wipe it clean with a rag to improve efficiency and cleanliness."
Myth 2: The greater the detergent concentration, the better the detergent is used. It is not necessarily the greater the concentration, the better the washing effect. In fact, if the concentration of the detergent exceeds the critical concentration, the detergent residue tends to be generated because the concentration is too high, and the possibility of wiping off or forming a trace of lines may easily occur. In fact, increasing the temperature of the detergent, such as dilution with warm water, can better exert its effect of removing dirt.
Clever use of daily necessities to clean the small cups of hot cup plate will leave a circle of hot marks in the furniture paint surface, with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea wipe wet wipe; can also be coated with a layer of iodine or vaseline oil , Then wipe it with a rag every two days.
After the trademark on the furniture is wiped off, it will leave adhesive residue, and it can be erased with a rough eraser. Chewing gum on the floor also tried this method.
The white desk and white chair in your home are easy to get dirty. Try to use toothpaste to remove the dirt by gently rubbing it on a clean cloth. However, do not use too much force so as not to injure the paint.
If the furniture paint is scratched but it does not touch the wood, use a crayon or paint that matches the color of the furniture to apply it on the wound surface, then use a thin layer of transparent nail polish to wipe it.

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