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What to pay attention to kitchen cleaning


First: Stainless steel stoves cannot be rubbed with hard scouring pads, steel balls, or chemical agents. Use a soft towel, a soft scouring pad with water, or a stainless steel brightener.

Second: marble countertops can not be rubbed with toluene, otherwise it is difficult to remove flower white spots. It should be rubbed with a soft scouring pad.

Third, oil stains on ceramic products such as sinks cannot use scouring pads, steel balls, and metal brushes containing abrasive particles, and neutral and weak alkaline cleaners are appropriate.
Fourth: Scales on enamel kitchen utensils cannot use acidic hydrochloric acid such as dilute hydrochloric acid, which will damage the glaze and lose light. The rust on the enamel kitchen utensils is not cleaned for a long time and the enamel will be discolored and should be cleaned in time. Wipe with cloth vinegar.
Fifth: The oil on the gas stove can be coated with kerosene, wipe it clean. The traces can be sprayed with an oily cleaning solution and then wiped with a newspaper or a damp cloth. The new oil traces can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

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